The company

YourAdmin was set up in 2007 and was born out of a passion for organising people and things. 

Since then, Karen has been involved with a wide range of projects from promoting month-long recruitment drives for the district Health Board of New Zealand, co-ordinating and marketing week long conferences at The Dorchester, acting as Social Media Consultant for camping and music festivals, and organising business launches, networking events, social events and much more. 

Just after the company was formed it moved from East London to the leafy suburbs of Norwich in Norfolk, and not only now works with local clients, but also worldwide organisations and events. 

In 2019, Karen's former colleague and good friend, Suzanne, came on board and the pair now use their experience to coordinate and organise people and events across East Anglia and beyond.


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Since leaving school and working as a Tour Representative travelling to European sporting events, Karen has had a fun and varied career.

Until 2006 when she moved to Norfolk, she was working in and around London in financial institutions and investment companies, then went on to work for an inner London local authority. 

Since leaving London, Karen has undertaken contracts with Housing Associations, Norfolk Constabulary, large insurance companies and several authorities, as well as many SMEs.  

Karen has a knack for engaging with people on all levels as well as being confident and professional in everything she puts her hand to. 

She has held a number of voluntary posts and stands for what she believes in. When asked, her friends described her as fun, confident, approachable and dependable. 

Karen has a daughter who keeps her very busy as well as a love of the coast, an expensive plant based habit and a love of interior design.